18 things you need to know before moving to AZ

#1 It’s not California…. But if you want to be close Yuma is right across the border and you’ll have beachfront property once California slides off.

#2 Not everything is desert.

#3 Have ya heard about the heat index?  Yeah, that means you need to drink A TON of water.

#4 The sunsets are unrivaled….period.

#5 You actually should shake out your boots, clothes, and anything else a scorpion might crawl into.

#6 Keep your exterminator on speed dial or be prepared to burn a couple houses down.

#7 3 digit temps?  Just another normal day during the summer.

#8 It gets dry…really dry.  Bring lotion.

#9 Hydration is important, drink more than you think you should.  Remember how its dry right?

#10 It’s a “dry heat” is a myth.  Kind of like saying the surface of the sun is a dry heat.

#11 Drive a couple hours and you’ll hit totally different landscape (& weather)

#12 Northern Arizona is like heaven but comes at a price

#13 Get prepared to be outdoors!  There are so many family-friendly attractions all over the state.  

#14 Don’t forget.  Drink that H2O!

#15 It’s not like any other place you’ve ever been to.

#16 If you aren’t speeding; you aren’t keeping up with the pace of traffic

#17 We sell lots and lots of pet shoes.  We love our pets and if we can’t walk barefoot on the sidewalk then they can’t either.  

#18 We have lots of opportunities to be politically active.  If you are passionate about education, there is a place for you to make an impact.  If you are passionate about the environment you can work on banning plastic bags. There are plenty of organizations that work with every type of displaced person and they are always looking for volunteers.  


Ready to Move to Arizona??

Do you think you can handle the heat?  Are you ready to jump into the fire or better yet your new pool?